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Cybersecurity, Colombian-style

There are many areas in Victoria Beckman’s life where she’s broken the mold of expectation, like becoming a champion roller figure skater in her native Colombia. And becoming one of the first women from her country’s coffee belt to become a cybersec...
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Biotech and boilerplate: Attorney masters science and law

Imagine strolling through a park splashed with the greens, yellows and reds of trees, grass and flowers. The gravel or woodchips crunch underfoot as you enjoy exercise, sunshine and good health. [caption id="attachment_18980" align="alignnone" wi...
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Many bets are off during the pandemic

Like any athlete looking for a competitive edge, it was all about positioning. The U.S. was not the only nation that did not allow wagering on many sports, but it was one of the largest, thanks to the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protecti...
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A collaborative approach against coronavirus

Honeywell International Inc. comprised of four complex business groups, each may be confronted with legal matters that transcend its specific responsibilities. So in early 2019, legal representatives of each of its strategic business groups—Aeros...
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Summer II 2020



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