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Creating legal flow so the water keeps coming

When we turn on the faucet, we expect water to come out. It’s something that we—in much of North America, at least—don’t even think about; in fact, we take it for granted. Steve Heinrichs | Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Executive Vice Pres...
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Applying two sides of the same coin in pharmaceuticals

Within the pharmaceutical industry, one might say that Gregory Orleski has seen it all in a career spanning more than 20 years. But his fascination for business keeps him coming back for more. Gregory Orleski | General Counsel, Vice President Le...
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Plan in hand provides pandemic protection

It’s easy enough to advise people to expect the unexpected. Scott Laughlin put those words into action at Plaza Home Mortgage—even though the unexpected was beyond anything he’d ever imagined. As Plaza’s Senior Corporate Counsel and CISO Laughlin...
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Lessons in labor law, from home and the office

Raised by a single mother in a blue-collar family in South Philadelphia, Joe Fox recalls having numerous close relatives who were active with labor unions, including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the International Garment Workers Un...
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Fall II 2020



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