Features November 2018

Bjarne Tellmann – Pearson

The son of a diplomat who grew up globetrotting, Bjarne Tellmann had dabbled in TV and film work, interned at the United Kingdom’s House of Commons and could ultimately envision himself doing “a million other things,” but he entered law school on a whim. “It was a kick-the-can-down-the-road kind of thing,” he says. But when […]

Joe Bonassar – Dymax Corporation

Whenever Joe Bonassar finds himself wondering what to work on next, he doesn’t use a fancy project-management platform or iPhone app. Instead, he makes the four-step trek from his desk to the whiteboard at the front of his office. There, neatly drawn in black marker, is a square sectioned into four boxes, each with its […]

Juan Pablo Barrera – Decameron All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts

Well-versed in business and law, Juan Pablo Barrera doesn’t hesitate to answer which he prefers in his capacity as vice president of legal affairs for Decameron All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts, a giant in the hospitality industry of nine Latin American countries. “Business, especially when it involves building something,” the personable Barrera tells Vanguard in […]

Juan Rivadeneyra Sanchez – Claro Perú

Keep things simple, Juan Rivadeneyra Sanchez advises. That might seem easier said than done when overseeing regulatory affairs in one of the most regulated industries anywhere. Yet, for over 18 years, Rivadeneyra has found ways to put the most complex subjects in terms understandable to his colleagues at the Peruvian subsidiary of Claro, Latin America’s […]

Rosemary Colliver – LAIKA

There are few disciplines more detailed, more granular, than stop-motion animation, the filmmaking technique pioneered in the late 19th century that is in the midst of a digital-age renaissance. As proof of that claim, just consider the 129,000 individual frames that comprise a 90-minute film. Or talk to Rosemary Colliver, general counsel and head of […]

Suzanne Law Marisa – OVHcloud

“I was up working until 2 in the morning last night,” Suzanne Law Marisa confides, with surprising verve, during a recent interview with Vanguard magazine. “So, I apologize in advance if I sound a little off.” Last night, it should be noted, referred to Sunday, after a weekend packed with kids sporting events that included […]

Tonya Johannsen – The Beck Group

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and the 490,000-square-foot Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth is a towering testament to that refrain. Inspired by the multi-use fieldhouses popular in the early- to mid-20th century, the brick-bound building appears at once well-worn and cutting-edge—fitting for a region that represents both. And yet, the 14,000-seat arena somehow feels […]

Walter (“JR”) Dembiec

Walter Dembiec Jr. is one of those people who’s so active and full of energy that you might think he’s secretly found a way to clone himself. (He hasn’t, he promises.) As such, the Seton Hall University-trained lawyer has never quite stayed in one place for long. His resume is filled with chief legal officer […]


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