Jeremy M. Evans – California Sports Lawyer 

Scoring legal victories in entertainment, media, and sports 

There is no substitute for real-world dealmaking experience, but Jeremy Evans, the founder, CEO, and managing attorney of California Sports Lawyer, is trying to give law students the closest thing to those experiences.  

Copyright © 2024. California Sports Lawyer®. All Rights Reserved. Photographed by Embry Lopez.

Jeremy M. Evans | Founder, CEO & Managing Attorney | California Sports Lawyer
© 2024. California Sports Lawyer®. All Rights Reserved. Photographed by Embry Lopez.

In February, Evans hosted the second annual California Sports Lawyer Negotiation Competition at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The competition featured two-person teams of law students and included entertainment, media, and sports law topics.  

”The California Sports Lawyer Negotiation Competition at the Rose Bowl Stadium is the first of many; the first to offer entertainment, media, and sports law negotiation topics, with industry C-suite level executives and attorneys as judges and multiple states represented. It is also the first competition to offer electronic judge scoring and the first to be hosted in an American stadium,” Evans says. “The competition also serves as a fundraiser for the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation with a mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the Rose Bowl’s future.” 

Evans is widely recognized for his dedication to providing top-notch legal services to his clients. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of entertainment, media, and sports law, Evans offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of his clients. 

Evans is a longtime sports and entertainment authority specializing in contractual negotiations, intellectual property matters, and dealmaking within the entertainment, media, and sports industries. His extensive experience and industry knowledge allow him to navigate complex legal landscapes with precision and finesse, ensuring the best available outcome for his clients. 

Evans’s track record of success speaks for itself. He has represented various clients throughout his career, including Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, advertising and production companies, studios, sports franchises, leagues, agencies, and talent. His ability to deliver favorable results in high-stakes negotiations and complex legal matters has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and industry leader. 

“My mission is clear: deliver exceptional legal services to every client, ensuring their success in every endeavor. I am dedicated to providing top-notch representation and tailored solutions, regardless of the deal’s complexity,” Evans says. 

Industry-leading expertise 

His unwavering commitment to personalized service and client satisfaction sets Evans apart. He approaches each deal meticulously, taking the time to understand his client’s unique goals, challenges, and leverage. This personalized approach fosters strong, trusting relationships and allows Evans to provide tailored solutions that align with his client’s objectives. 

Jeremy M. Evans | Founder, CEO & Managing Attorney | California Sports Lawyer 

Evans is deeply involved in community organizations and industry associations. His recent tenure as president of the California Lawyers Association saw significant membership growth, defying industry trends. Through his leadership and active engagement, Evans advocates for positive change within the legal profession and supports practitioners at all career stages. 

Evans’s unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized service, plus his innovative approach to practicing law, make him the go-to choice for clients in the entertainment, media, and sports industries. His track record of success, combined with his dedication to staying ahead of the curve, sets him apart as one of the best in the field. 

“I believe in personalized service and building strong relationships with my clients. Understanding their goals and challenges allows me to provide tailored solutions that align with their objectives. It is not just about delivering legal services, but about being a trusted advisor and partner throughout their journey,” Evans says. 

Opportunities and challenges 

Evans is at the forefront of exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and the legal profession. With a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI adoption, Evans leads initiatives to integrate this technology into legal practice ethically and effectively. He chairs the California Lawyers Association’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and has made presentations for the New York State Bar Association, California Judges Association and major corporations in Hollywood and beyond, which underscore his commitment to guiding and shaping the future of legal practice. 

Jeremy M. Evans | Founder, CEO & Managing Attorney | California Sports Lawyer 

In addition to his work with AI, Evans is deeply involved in the entertainment, media, and sports industries, where he addresses pressing issues such as broadcast, streaming, and media rights and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations, and a host of related topics. As a dealmaker, he navigates complex legal landscapes to ensure fair treatment and protect the interests of athletes, talent, institutions, franchises, and studios alike. Evans’s expertise extends beyond legal practice; he shares his insights through podcasts, columns, and speaking engagements, enriching the legal community and beyond and fostering mentorship opportunities for aspiring professionals. He is also involved with legislative advocacy through the California Lawyers Association and served on the Civility Task Force and the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of the Bar Exam.  He currently serves as President of the California Lawyers Foundation, the non-profit arm of the nation’s largest statewide voluntary bar association. 

Evans exemplifies dedication, innovation, and creativity through his multifaceted approach to law and entrepreneurship. His commitment to excellence and passion for advocating for clients and building impactful initiatives continue to drive his success and influence in the legal, business, andentertainment, media, and sports industries. 

“Embracing the future of law with AI, I am dedicated to shaping the ethical and effective integration into legal practice. Through combined efforts, we should harness the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance legal services, ensuring they remain both innovative and ethically sound. My recent presentations and involvement in industry task forces underscore my commitment to advancing this transformative technology to benefit clients and practitioners with human rights and the rules of professional conduct as the highest values,” Evans says. 

From law school to CEO 

Driven by a passion for law, entertainment, media, and sports, Evans has carved a remarkable path to success. Armed with a Poly Sci degree from UCLA and a JD from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Evans’s academic journey set the stage for his illustrious career. President of the Student Bar Association, editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, and international competitions during law school, where he negotiated for baseball arbitration, ignited his entrepreneurial and leadership spirit, prompting him to create something transformative. 

Jeremy M. Evans | Founder, CEO & Managing Attorney | California Sports Lawyer 

Continuing his pursuit of excellence, Evans obtained an LL.M. from Pepperdine Caruso Law and an MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, receiving concentrations in entertainment, media, and sports law and management. This multidisciplinary approach gave him a comprehensive understanding of his field’s legal, business, and creative aspects. 

With nearly twelve years of experience at various studios and agencies like Lionsgate, Where the Buffalo Roam, MediaMonks, Innocean, and currently chief legal officer at Locomotive Content and as senior counsel for global intellectual property at iHerb, LLC, a multi-billion-dollar health, wellness and vitamin e-commerce company, Evans honed his skills and gained insights into legal experience and administration. In 2012, he founded California Sports Lawyer, offering top-notch legal services to entertainment, media, and sports clients. 

“Excellence in leadership is without exception character and integrity in action that is foundational to success,” he says.  

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Published on: May 2, 2024



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