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Growing the portfolio through acquisitions 

Paul Bennett, the deputy general counsel at Landmark Dividend LLC, has been an important force in steering the company’s growth through strategic acquisitions. Joining Landmark in 2014 as the corporate counsel for their acquisition team, he found himself immersed in a high-volume environment, primarily involved in telecom and billboard acquisitions. 

Paul Bennett | Deputy General Counsel | Landmark Dividend LLC

Paul Bennett | Deputy General Counsel | Landmark Dividend LLC

In his current role, Bennett oversees acquisitions across four key areas: telecom, data centers, renewables and outdoor advertising. His primary focus is managing the intricate process, coordinating with external counsel, and working closely with the internal teams dedicated to acquisitions. Bennett also plays a significant role in specialty deals and large corporate actions, providing valuable advice to the executive team. 

“My role in acquisitions involves navigating complexities, ensuring a strategic and seamless process. Collaborating with external and internal teams, I contribute to Landmark’s growth trajectory and success in the market, Bennett tells Vanguard in February. 

All about acquisitions 

Bennett says acquisitions are the core of Landmark’s growth strategy. A standout achievement in Bennett’s deal portfolio is the acquisition of the Quantum Park Data Center campus, a substantial property in northern Virginia—one of the largest data center areas in the country. This transaction showcased Bennett’s extensive experience in data center acquisitions, and it contributed significantly to Landmark’s data center portfolio, which now totals over one billion dollars in acquisitions in this sector. 

Beyond data centers, Bennett plays a key role in Landmark’s renewable energy endeavors. The acquisition of a large solar field in central California in 2016 marked a significant milestone for the company in the renewable energy sector. 

Bennett’s approach to acquisitions reflects his easygoing and laid-back personality, traits that have proven beneficial in navigating the complexities of large deals and real estate transactions. His ability to build strong collaborations and make the intricate process of closing deals seem manageable has become a hallmark of his role. 

“Acquisitions form the backbone of Landmark’s growth, and I take pride in contributing to our strategic successes,” he says. “Whether in data centers or renewables, my approach combines experience with a laid-back style, making the complex seem manageable in every deal.”  

Improving legal efficiencies  

Bennett is actively exploring innovative ways to enhance legal efficiencies within the acquisition process. Bennett says he recognizes the importance of leveraging technology to streamline legal processes and drive operational effectiveness. 

As the legal landscape evolves, Landmark is considering several Artificial Intelligence platforms to bring greater efficiency to legal work. Bennett acknowledges the potential of AI in optimizing tasks related to due diligence, contract review and data analysis, allowing the legal team to focus on strategic decision-making and complex negotiations. 

Bennett’s strategic vision aligns with the company’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve legal operations. By embracing AI solutions tailored to the legal domain, Landmark aims to achieve faster and more accurate legal assessments, reducing manual workloads and enhancing the team’s capacity for high-value, strategic initiatives. 

Looking forward to 2024, the legal department at Landmark anticipates a surge in the market, driving increased acquisition activities. Landmark plans to continue its acquisition spree, targeting data centers, wireless telecom facilities, and large outdoor advertising platforms. To meet these goals, Bennett and his team proactively explore tools and technologies that facilitate seamless acquisitions and contribute to the legal function’s overall efficiency. 

Like so many others in various industries, Bennett says Landmark is facing challenges related to recruiting and retention. Still, the company remains dedicated to attracting top talent to further strengthen Landmark’s position in the competitive acquisitions landscape. Landmark offers competitive financial packages and continually evaluates its work environment to ensure team members feel valued and supported.   

Government and law 

Bennett’s journey finds its roots in a deep-seated interest in law, cultivated during his early career in government. Armed with a degree in political science from North Carolina Central University, Bennett’s educational foundation laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. 

Motivated by his experiences working as an assistant for nearly two years under Mayor Richard M. Daley in Chicago, Bennett decided to further his legal knowledge. He earned a JD from the University of Iowa College of Law, solidifying his commitment to understanding the complexities of the legal field. 

Following his time in government, Bennett made a strategic shift to private practice, spending over seven years as an associate attorney. Specializing in real estate, he represented purchasers, investors, and developers, gaining valuable insights into the legal intricacies of the industry. 

However, Bennett’s journey took another turn as he returned to politics, serving as the chief of staff to the City of Chicago’s treasurer. The fusion of public service and legal acumen continued to shape his career trajectory. 

In a bold move, Bennett hung his own shingle in Los Angeles and spent over two years leading his own practice. But he returned to an in-house role in September 2014 when he joined Landmark, marking a significant transition in his professional journey. He rose to his current position in February 2023.  

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Published on: March 15, 2024



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