Legal Leaders of the Future Haven’t Gone to Law School

But for some, the path is already begun

Editor’s Note: We have followed an ambitious, college-bound high school student for one year. She has her sights on law school. Here’s where she is now.

One thing is for sure, the students of today are our leaders of tomorrow—of the future.

And we’ve been following one such future leader, Sofia Haro-Arguello, as she prepares to graduate from Cypress High School and begin her next adventure.

With her sights set on a career as an attorney, Sofia continues to excel academically while at the same participating in learning experiences outside the classroom.

In September last year, Sofia attended the West Orange County Women’s Conference after being nominated by Dr. Wales, her principal. This conference of diverse women focused on the importance of healthy living, the dangers of human trafficking and the injustice against women in the workforce.

Sofia, who grew up with her single mother, fit right in.

Sofia Haro-Arguello

Sofia Haro-Arguello

In her desire to obtain practical business experience as well as set the groundwork for a legal career, Sofia values her internship with Hybrid Apparel as part of the Beyond School Walls program through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Sofia says the internship has given her the opportunity to engage with experienced adults who demonstrate the value of collaboration and hard work while encouraging creativity in a corporate setting.

More recently, Sofia once again earned her spot at WE DAY, a convention focused on educating and engaging American youth on the social issues facing our communities.

So from Vanguard, a reminder:  As long as we keep taking the time to mentor and nurture potential future leaders such as Sofia, we have nothing to fear because the world will be in good hands.

Read more about Sofia here in a recent Vanguard article: Learn locally, think globally: A teen’s mission to make a difference; and here in her blog: Giving back knows no age


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