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Doing everything by the book for Brazilian company 

Flavia Bokel, legal executive at ICTS, stands at the forefront of important projects and strategic initiatives, contributing significantly to the company’s success. Since joining in May 2017, her role has been instrumental in ensuring compliance and corporate governance for ICTS, positioning it as Brazil’s largest compliance and corporate investigations company. 

Flavia Bokel | Legal Executive | ICTS  

Flavia Bokel | Legal Executive | ICTS

With T4 Compliance’s portfolio absorption, Bokel orchestrates the process meticulously, aligning every step with legal standards. As a specialist in digital law, her expertise has been vital in navigating complex projects, such as the incorporation of T4 Compliance’s due diligence and background check platform, C.Drive, by Aliant and the compliance services by Protiviti Brazil, companies within the ICTS Group. 

“My mission is to steer the ship of compliance and corporate governance. Each project reflects our commitment to legal excellence and strategic success at every turn,” Bokel says. 

Growing the business 

One of Bokel’s major contributions to business growth is her adept handling of acquisitions and portfolio absorption. Her role in the meticulous transfer of T4 Compliance’s client portfolio and the subsequent incorporation of its services by Aliant and Protiviti Brazil has broadened ICTS’s service offerings and solidified its position as Brazil’s largest compliance and corporate investigations company. 

Absorbing a new portfolio of services and clients is a challenge. As these new activities got incorporated, ICTS strengthened the team and invested in training to maximize the post-deal results. From the perspective of the legal team, the biggest challenges were centered on pre-acquisition due diligence activities, the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding, asset purchase and sale contracts, new contract models, a large number of amendments and also the negotiation with clients.  

Flavia Bokel | Legal Executive | ICTS  

Bokel’s commitment to legal excellence extends beyond conventional responsibilities. She actively engages in projects related to corporate restructuring and tax planning and creates essential legal frameworks, such as general data protection clauses. Her efforts have ensured legal compliance and streamlined operations, paving the way for administrative efficiency, driven by a business integration model. 

As a visionary leader, Bokel’s strategic decisions have contributed to the evolution of ICTS’s corporate governance and its ability to navigate the complex legal landscape. Her initiatives align with the company’s business objectives, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry. 

Bokel envisions her role as a key driver of further growth, aspiring to become a legal director. Her multifaceted approach, combining legal expertise with strategic vision, positions ICTS for sustained success and continued expansion in the years to come. 

A day’s work 

A typical day for Bokel is a dynamic blend of strategic decision-making, project oversight, and legal acumen. Her mornings often commence with a thorough review of ongoing projects, like T4 Compliance’s client portfolio and the incorporation of its services by Aliant and Protiviti Brazil. Ensuring seamless execution, she navigates the complexities of acquisitions and oversees the strategic integration of services. 

During midday, Bokel is immersed in corporate matters, collaborating with the Executive Board, Board of Directors and partners to uphold corporate compliance and governance. As a mentor to the legal team, she guides on strategic legal matters, contributing to the company’s long-term success. 

Flavia Bokel | Legal Executive | ICTS  

Afternoons are dedicated to high-level legal tasks, such as tax planning and filing tax suits for recovery. Bokel’s commitment to maximizing economic and financial benefits for ICTS is evident in her hands-on approach to managing legal suits, showcasing her dedication to the company’s growth. One of ICTS’s partners, the Dias e Pamplona law firm, in 2022 presented tax planning managed by Bokel, which brought great tax savings to ICTS Group.  

Throughout the day, Bokel actively engages in the creation of essential legal frameworks, particularly in the realm of data protection. Her role extends beyond routine legal duties, as she develops clauses crucial for compliance and reviews contractual models, ensuring that ICTS remains at the forefront of legal innovation. 

Balancing her responsibilities, Bokel also prioritizes strategic initiatives that contribute to the company’s evolution. Her hands-on involvement in corporate restructurings, partner agreements, and the registration of trademarks and patents underscores her commitment to shaping ICTS’s trajectory. 

Despite the demanding nature of her role, Bokel embraces each task enthusiastically, leveraging her multifaceted skill set to drive growth and innovation within ICTS. Her days are a testament to her dedication to excellence, ensuring that every legal aspect aligns seamlessly with the company’s strategic goals. 

Even with so many hours dedicated to managing the legal aspects of the company, Bokel still finds time to dedicate herself to her family and her personal affairs. It takes an organized schedule to keep an inclusive work methodology, bringing together people from different backgrounds and expertise.  

“It is the same thing I do to get in my weight training and kickboxing,” she says.  

The legal way 

Bokel’s career journey is a testament to her dedication and continuous pursuit of legal excellence. Born in Rio de Janeiro to lawyer parents, her early exposure to the legal world influenced her career choice. She kickstarted her professional journey by graduating from Universidade Cândido Mendes in 2000, engaging in internships at a public company (Caixa Econômica Federal) and the Federal Court’s 8th Criminal Court. 

Specializing in digital law, Bokel earned a DPO degree from FIAP, another degree in corporate law from IBMEC and an MBA in insurance law from Cândido Mendes University. Her commitment to education led her to pursue postgraduate studies in executive legal management at FGV/SP. 

Flavia Bokel | Legal Executive | ICTS  

In 1999, she joined Gouvêa Vieira Advogados, contributing her legal expertise in tax, corporate, civil and insurance. Over the next decade, Bokel dedicated herself to the insurance sector, serving prominent companies like Sul America and Brasilveiculos. At Brasilveículos, she joined the legal management team in 2007, playing a pivotal role in developing the skills of legal professionals. 

In 2012, Bokel transitioned to a new niche, venturing into information technology with NIMBI S/A. Over four years, she focused on structuring the company’s Legal Department, delving into contractual, labor, civil, tax, corporate and intellectual property matters. This period marked the beginning of her specialization in digital law, coinciding with the introduction of the Marco Civil da Internet in Brazil. 

In 2017, Bokel made a significant move as she relocated to São Paulo, over 440 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Hired by the ICTS Group, her expertise caught the attention of the CEO, who had witnessed her impactful work at NIMBI S.A. Invited to lead a project enhancing the company’s contract base, Bokel embraced the challenge, showcasing her versatility and strategic legal acumen in yet another dynamic industry. 

“Being at ICTS has been a beautiful experience. The team is very qualified, and the constant exchanges of experiences are enriching. Working with the CEO, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board in a business-oriented vision requires unparalleled agility, dynamism and flexibility,” Bokel says. “My legacy for the company is structuring the legal function, which led to new demands, such as partnerships with new legal offices and lawyers and establishing contract management systems. Holding a shared vision of the future with the stakeholders is amazing.” 

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Published on: March 19, 2024


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