Carla Fernandes Moura – Jaguar Mining Inc. 

Leading growth in the mining industry 

Carla Fernandes Moura’s journey to success as the corporate general manager at Jaguar Mining Inc. is marked by her strategic leadership and relentless commitment to fostering positive change within the company and its surrounding communities. 

Carla Fernandes Moura | Corporate General Manager | Jaguar Mining Inc. 

Carla Fernandes Moura | Corporate General Manager | Jaguar Mining Inc.

With a background in law and over 12 years of experience in the mining industry, Fernandes has played a vital role in shaping Jaguar Mining Inc.’s corporate strategy and operational framework. Her expertise in mining has enabled her to create an environment conducive to achieving the company’s goals. 

One of Fernandes’s notable projects involved spearheading a program to stabilize social donation policies in collaboration with local cities and communities. By fostering stronger relationships with these stakeholders, Jaguar Mining Inc. wants to build prosperity for all parties while maintaining a harmonious coexistence. 

“The mining sector allows us to work on several fronts and directly with communities, in addition to being extremely important for the business, is equally rewarding for us as human beings as we have the opportunity to get to know new stories and support people,” Fernandes says.  

Empowering communities 

Fernandes took proactive steps to address labor lawsuits within the company, successfully reducing the number of suits by half over four years. Through close collaboration with the HR department and the implementation of training programs, Fernandes clarified employee rights and responsibilities, ultimately fostering a more harmonious work environment. 

Carla Fernandes Moura | Corporate General Manager | Jaguar Mining Inc. 

Looking ahead to 2024, Jaguar Mining Inc. is focused on growth through new projects, including mine expansion and acquisitions. Fernandes emphasizes the importance of team integration and alignment to ensure the success of these endeavors. 

Regarding community relations, Jaguar Mining Inc. remains committed to building prosperity for everyone by actively engaging with local communities and supporting initiatives like the Seeds of Sustainability Program. This program aims to empower communities through education and assistance with entrepreneurship, fostering financial independence and mutual respect. 

Despite the company’s challenges, Fernandes and her legal team are dedicated to providing support and legal security to Jaguar Mining Inc.’s operations. By actively participating in the company’s activities and understanding its production chain, the legal team ensures that legal considerations are aligned with the company’s goals and realities. 

Fernandes’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of effective leadership and collaboration in driving organizational success while simultaneously fostering positive change within the broader community.  

“I remain committed to building a sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders involved,” she adds.  

Strategic leadership 

Fernandes has demonstrated remarkable leadership in steering various departments toward success. With responsibilities spanning legal, human resources, institutional and community relations, communication, administrative, corporate security, corporate health, and contract management, Fernandes oversees a team of 65 individuals. 

Carla Fernandes Moura | Corporate General Manager | Jaguar Mining Inc. 

Recruitment and retention in the mining sector pose challenges, especially when competing with larger companies offering attractive financial incentives. However, Fernandes emphasizes the company’s purpose of building prosperity for everyone and instills its values of dignity and respect, collaboration, sustainability, zero harm, and excellence into daily operations. This fosters a positive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated to stay. 

Fernandes empowers her teams by giving them autonomy while maintaining an open-door policy for support and guidance. This approach cultivates trust and encourages employees to strive for excellence, knowing their contributions are respected. Additionally, she ensures fair compensation and opportunities for growth to retain talent effectively. 

Despite the rewarding aspects of her role, Fernandes acknowledges the challenges, particularly when implementing necessary economic adjustments that may involve staff reductions. Balancing empathy for affected employees with the need to maintain team morale is a complex task that requires sensitivity and leadership. 

Fernandes thrives on challenges and values the constant learning and growth opportunities her role presents. She appreciates the dynamic nature of her responsibilities, which include managing eight diverse areas and embraces each challenge as an opportunity for personal and professional development. 

“My leadership philosophy of trust, empowerment, and continuous learning underscores my commitment to driving positive organizational change and inspires my team to reach new heights,” she says.  

Love for law and motherhood 

Fernandes’s journey to success traces back to her childhood fascination with reading. Growing up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Fernandes developed a love for books, which cultivated her critical thinking skills and innate ability to craft persuasive arguments. 

This early passion for literature naturally led Fernandes to explore the field of law, where she saw an opportunity to apply her analytical prowess to real-world issues. After earning her law degree from Centro Universitário UNA, Fernandes embarked on a career in private practice, where she spent nearly five years refining her legal skills and honing her expertise. 

Carla Fernandes Moura | Corporate General Manager | Jaguar Mining Inc. 

Fernandes’s true calling emerged when she transitioned into the mining industry, drawn by the opportunity to apply her legal knowledge in a dynamic and evolving sector. Over 12 years in the industry, Fernandes has become a respected figure known for her strategic thinking and leadership. 

At Jaguar Mining Inc., Fernandes has played an important role in driving the company’s success, leveraging her legal background to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and propel business initiatives forward. Her journey into motherhood added a new dimension to her professional life, challenging her to balance work responsibilities with family commitments. 

Despite the initial uncertainties of returning to work after maternity leave, Fernandes found unwavering support from Jaguar Mining Inc., culminating in a well-deserved promotion to the general manager role. Her promotion underscores her exceptional leadership abilities and highlights the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. 

“The return from maternity leave for women is a time of great uncertainty and insecurity. My support at Jaguar made all the difference for me, and I hope to transform what I experienced into giving effective support to other women in their careers,” Fernandes says. “Motherhood makes us much more efficient as we need to handle everything like kids, work and household chores every day. This skill should definitely be explored in the job market!” 

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Published on: April 9, 2024


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