Rafael Del Monte – Takeda 

Commitment to healthcare through law and tax expertise 

With his extensive experience and expertise, Rafael del Monte serves as the growth and emerging markets head of tax at Takeda, a leading pharmaceutical company renowned for its commitment to patient-centered healthcare. Drawing on a rich background in tax management and pharmaceuticals, Del Monte brings a unique perspective to his role, understanding that success in the pharmaceutical industry goes beyond financial gains—it’s about positively impacting patient lives. 

Rafael Del Monte | Growth & Emerging Markets Head of Tax | Takeda 

Rafael Del Monte | Growth & Emerging Markets Head of Tax | Takeda

At Takeda, Del Monte champions the company’s unwavering dedication to patient-centric care, ensuring that every decision aligns with improving patient outcomes. Even in the face of commercial pressures, Del Monte prioritizes patient well-being, recognizing that the true measure of success lies in the ability to provide life-saving treatments to those in need. 

Central to Del Monte’s vision is recognizing the Tax department’s indispensable role in advancing Takeda’s mission. He underscores the significance of leveraging new technologies to streamline processes and accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to patients worldwide. By staying ahead of emerging technologies and their potential applications in healthcare, Del Monte empowers his team to drive meaningful change and enhance patient experiences. 

Embracing transformation 

One notable project led by Del Monte involved securing rapid government approval for a dengue vaccine launch in an emerging market. An important milestone was achieved through a strategic partnership with BIO-E in India. This strategic partnership with Biological E. Limited, a leading vaccine manufacturer in India, will accelerate Takeda´s ability to supply multi-dose vials of Qdenga. Biological E. Limited will ramp its manufacturing capacity up to 50 million doses a year by the end of the decade, building on Takeda’s existing capacity at its facility in Singen, Germany. This endeavor reflects Takeda’s dedication to expanding access to vital vaccinations, particularly in emerging countries where such treatments are critically needed. 

Rafael Del Monte | Growth & Emerging Markets Head of Tax | Takeda 

Navigating cultural differences posed a significant challenge in this endeavor, but Del Monte and his team persevered, recognizing the profound impact their efforts would have on patient well-being. They meticulously analyzed tax implications, ensuring contractual agreements were structured to safeguard the company’s interests while advancing patient care objectives. 

Del Monte is excited about Takeda’s digitalization initiatives, particularly the deployment of Innovation Capability Centers in Mexico, India, and Bratislava. These centers serve as internal hubs for innovation, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness across various functions, including tax and legal. With a relentless focus on the future, Del Monte anticipates these advancements will revolutionize healthcare delivery, ushering in a new era of agility and innovation at Takeda and beyond. 

“I’m excited about Takeda’s digital transformation and how it can revolutionize healthcare. We, as tax, are totally on board with several ongoing initiatives. And we must be as we advance our capabilities, as do the tax authorities worldwide. ” Del Monte says. 

Patient-centric leadership 

Del Monte leads with a commitment to excellence and empowerment within his team. Del Monte navigates the challenges of managing different time zones with finesse with a lean yet outstanding team spread across various regions, including Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Russia-CIS & China. Despite the market competition, Takeda’s offerings of opportunities, growth, and learning serve as a powerful attractor for top talent. Del Monte ensures the recruitment of the best talent by seeking diverse experiences and perspectives, fostering a culture of empowerment and innovation where team members are encouraged to challenge norms and bring forth breakthrough ideas. 

Rafael Del Monte | Growth & Emerging Markets Head of Tax | Takeda 

Managing a complex landscape spanning multiple continents and jurisdictions poses one of the greatest challenges in Del Monte’s role. Navigating diverse legal frameworks and tax authorities requires balancing risks and opportunities. However, what Del Monte finds most rewarding about his work at Takeda is its tangible impact on people’s lives and health. With Takeda’s values centered around the patient, Del Monte sees firsthand how decisions prioritize patient well-being above all else. 

Reflecting on his career, Del Monte acknowledges the evolving nature of challenges. He balances risks and opportunities while leading his team to deliver exceptional results. While he once grappled with impatience for progress, Del Monte now embraces a more measured approach, prioritizing efficiency without rushing through important decisions.  

Through his leadership, Del Monte continues to drive growth and excellence within Takeda’s tax department, ensuring the company’s continued success in delivering life-changing treatments to patients worldwide. 

From law school to leadership 

Del Monte’s journey reflects a path of continuous growth and learning. With a law degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas, Del Monte began his career as a tax trainee at PwC, gaining valuable experience. He then expanded his expertise as the South and Central America tax manager for LG Electronics before transitioning to tax and finance roles at Google. 

Rafael Del Monte | Growth & Emerging Markets Head of Tax | Takeda 

Joining Takeda in December 2016, Del Monte steadily climbed the ranks, assuming his current position in April 2022. His interest in tax law sparked during college, leading him to pursue opportunities in the field. Del Monte’s dedication to expanding his knowledge, both in tax and finance, has been crucial in his career progression. 

Del Monte treasures time with family and friends outside of work, drawn to activities like sports and barbecues. His experiences, from starting as a waiter to co-owning a bar, have shaped his leadership style and taught him valuable lessons in teamwork and finance. Through it all, Del Monte remains committed to personal growth and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 

“My journey through law and finance has been a dynamic adventure, shaped by diverse experiences and a thirst for knowledge. Every step has been a lesson that nurtures growth. Through challenges and triumphs, I’ve forged a path of success, fueled by curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence,” Del Monte says. 

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